Advanced Vitamin C20 Serum

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Advanced Vitamin C20 Serum

Advanced Vitamin C20 Serum clears skin discoloration causing dark spots, age spots, and hyper-pigmentation. Vitamin C brightens and evens out skin tones for a very radiant and clear partial & overall complexion.

Our unique Vitamin C serum contains a proprietary blend of 20% Vitamin C and the super antioxidant Astaxanthin. We use the most stable & optimal and bio-available form of Vitamin C, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, ensuring our serum in always fresh and potent.

Vitamin C powerfully neutralizes free radicals for aging & dehydrated skin. It repairs the damage caused by UV rays and pollutants to rejuvenate & reverse dullness. Acne scars are shortly diminished while reducing new breakouts.


Visibly removes dark spots & hyper-pigmentation
20% Vit C for plumper and brighter complexion
Works deeply to repair skin & shrink pores
Diminishes visible fine lines, wrinkles & signs of aging
Stimulates collagen production
Boosts skin regeneration & dead skin cell removal
Hypoallergenic, non pore clogging


20 % Vitamin C:

- Widely researched and established anti-aging ingredient
- Vital to brightened skin & collagen production


- Renowned 'super antioxidant'.
- Highly potent – hundreds of times stronger than other antioxidants

Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E:

- Strengthens the skin’s barrier function.
- Helps prevent dehydration and damage.

Rose Hip Oil:

- Nourishes the skin & locks moisture

Volume: 30ml

Apply 5 to 7 drops to the face, neck and chest.
Use on cleansed skin in the morning before sunscreen and makeup application. A slight tingling may occur in some people, which diminishes with continued use.

1pc X Advanced Vitamin C20 Serum

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